How to Create NC file by Inkscape

Inkscape is a professional vector graphics editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It's free and open source.

More Info:

Installation :

PART 1--Text G-code

Step 1.Create Text G-code(NC file)

New folder name :output

Step 2.New document and set the properties:

Inkscape » Document properties » Set the size 100 mm

Step 3. Input text

Step 4. Path » object to path:

Step 5. Extensions » Bachinmaker TOOL » Gcode output


Load to the Engraver Master:

TIPS: If the NC file is imported into the engraving software, the engraving does not come out.

It may be due to the parameter setting problem. You need to adjust the relevant parameters.

Laser power set 600-1000

Engraving/Draw Speed set 900-1500

Starting from step 4. above

Extensions » Bachinmaker TOOL » Filling Gcode

Then, Extensions » Bachinmaker TOOL » Gcode output (Same as step 5 above)

Load to Engraver Master:

PART 2-Picture G-code

Step 1. Import jpg ,jpeg, bmp file:

Step 2. Path » Trace Bitmap » OK

Step 3. Delete the original picture,keep the new one

Step 4.Extensions » Bachinmaker TOOL » Gcode output

Load to Engraver Master :

Step 5. Filling picture :

Then Gcode output(Same as step 4.)

Load to Engraver Master :

About Engraver Master :

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