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How to solve the Laser Problems

2019-12-24 15:33:28

Laser is not light up

The laser does not emit any light. It may caused by:

1, The laser may not has a power supply. There is a fan on the top of the laser, if the fan is not turning, the laser has no power supply. please check whether the laser wire connection is in good condition, and the main circuit board is power up. Usually there is a led power indicator and a power switch beside the power cord.

2, The main circuit board may not signal the laser to turn on. Usually there is a laser working signal led on the circuit board. The laser should light up when this led lights up. If the led is not light up, please check the circuit board or the software status.

Laser not burns anythings

The laser lights up but not burn anything.It may caused by:

1, Laser not focused.

If you assemble your own laser engraving machine. You need focus the laser before first cutting. If you want to cut objects of different heights. You also need to focus the laser again. See How to adjust the laser focus.

2, Material is to far or to close to laser.

About 7CM is easier distance to focus. see See How to adjust the laser focus.

3, Unsupported engraving material.

Some material is hard to marked by laser, for example:metallic, reflective, transparent, white color objects…

Try other things, woods and this kind of paper is easy to burn.

4, The laser is not at it's maximum power.

Set laser power to 100% in software, for example Engraver Master.

5, Using too little burning time or too fast speed.

In order to leave a mark on the working object, the laser needs enough time. Please try to increase the time. Or speed down.

6,Weak Light Button on the laser is pressed.

Some of our laser have a weak light button on the top of it. You can press it to change the laser in weak or strong mode. When in weak mode,a red light flashes at intervals and does not burn anything.

Laser is damaged

Some damaged laser heads cannot emit light, but most of them can emit weak light. This light is much weaker than normal. We have test the laser in factory. So it usually will not be damaged until you use it for a time.If you use it as usual, without changing any configuration or carving material, the laser becomes very weak and can't carve things any more, it may be damaged.

Getting a new Laser

If you have identified the laser problem.Please shot a video about the problem and take a picture of the background of the laser. This video should include software operations, the status of the circuit board, and the overall status of the laser head. Different sellers have different warranty policies.Some seller may request you to ship the broken laser back or destroy it. For details, please contact your seller.