If laser not lights, please see Why laser not lights.

If laser lights but not burn anything, it may be:

1, Laser not focused.

If you assemble your own laser engraving machine. You need focus the laser before first cutting. If you want to cut objects of different heights. You also need to focus the laser again. See How to adjust the laser focus.

2, Material is to far or to close to laser.

About 7CM is easier distance to focus. see How to adjust the laser focus.

3, Unsupported engraving material.

Some material is hard to marked by laser, for example:metallic, reflective, transparent, white…

Try other things, a piece of EVA paper or gray paper is easy to burn.

We usually sent customers some EVA pages for testing.


4, Laser is set to weak power state.

Make laser is 100% power.

5, Laser is damaged. A damaged laser may still lights, but it's light is not strong as before.

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