Bachin Draw T-2039 Product Description:

0.This is the user guide for the Bachin Draw T-2039 family of personal writing and drawing machines. This guide is here to help you get started. There is a lot here–covering how you set up and use the machine, and pointing you towards additional resources for the future.

1.This guide is a continuing work in progress, and we want to suggest you to check back occasionally for the latest version of this manual, and to check that you have the latest version of the software. You can download the latest version of this at:

2.No programming and welding are required. Install it and run it. High-definition video and graphic tutorials, don't worry about not using it.  


*Supports laser engraving (requires laser expansion kit)

*Supports offline drawing(requires offline Display expansion kit)

  *Support for adding advanced features, programming, open source interface documentation, and development

*Supports colorful layers for drawing and painting.  


  • simulation handwritten handwriting, tailored, more real.
  • writing, drawing, easy to handle, versatile
  • liberate complicated transcription work.
  • integrated control board, user-friendly.

Product parameters:

  • Assembled machine size: 55x43x15cm
  • Shipping package size:62.5*34*14.5 cm
  • Weight:3.35KG
  • Product form: easy assembly kit
  • Manual format: Assemble video , software graphics tutorial.
  • Power input: AC 100v~220V
  • Machine power: DC12V 5A
  • Work Communication: USB serial communication, Optional offline (requires offline Display expansion kit)
  • Work mode: Writing, Drawing
  • Working range: 200x390mm
  • Operating system: win XP, win7, win10, MAC
  • Positioning accuracy: 0.2-0.3mm
  • XY movement accuracy: 0.2-0.3mm
  • Support file types:SVG, JPG, BMP, PNG, DXF,G-Code
  • Motor Drive: High Accuracy 42 Stepper Motor, 16 Subdivision A4988 Drive
  • Operating software: Bachin Master or Inkscape
  • Main control board: Bachin Laser Drawing control board, compatible with Grbl
  • Firmware Code Type: Grbl 1.1f Firmware on Board

  Package list:

  • Bachin Draw T-2039 * 1 set
  • DC 12V5A power adapter* 1
  • USB cable *1
  • Pen * 1
  • USB flash driver* 1 (included software/tutorial)


Click there to download Bachin Draw, the official software of Bachin Draw T-2039.

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