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Bahinc laser machine

Bachin D8-1720

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Welcome to Bachinmaker! This is the user guide for the Bachin D8-4050P laser engraving machines. This guide is here to help you get started. There is a lot here–covering how you set up and use the machine, and pointing you towards additional resources for the future.

1.Software »

Engraver Master

download from :

2.User Guide

video on YouTube :

or just watch the video from here:

3.Connected all the cables–follow the picture:

4. Installing Engraver Master: you can find the setup.exe from the USB flash driver or download from the wiki.

After download the driver :setup.exe ,run this file then here comes an icon on the computer desktop .

the interface:

5.Engraver Master anatomy:

See the top menu of the interface ,there have :Print Picture,NC Sender,Quick Tagging and Device Settings.

Print Picture– Suitable for gray style , and it's very slowly , so if you really need to engraving a gray style picture,we suggest you'e better use another software which more faster then this one .Here»

NC Sender–Automatically generate path files without trans-coding, fast speed and good effect.Recommended!Prefer this engraving mode.

Quick Tagging-here is for engraving the single line font .

Device Settings–setting the speed,laser powder ,machine type and so on. Don't forget click on Save Settings when change any settings.

Now , it is ready to start the first engraving . Please pay attention to protect your eyes and use protective glasses.

You should cut of the power when not use the machine .

Sometimes ,the software maybe disconnected ,don't worry ,Turn off and restart,or delete it and reinstalling again.

Can not use benbox software.